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We are an independent agency based in Saudi Arabia.

about us

Saudi Arabian Hydroponics is a Saudi company to its owner, Sheikh Walid Mohammed Abdullah planter specializing in modern techniques of cultivation without soil ( Haedroponik ) and the establishment of agricultural greenhouses using sophisticated modern techniques.

Headquarters in Khobar North The farm is located on the road to Riyadh and Dammam Highway An exhibition to display the vegetables in the news offer the North more than 12 products, all of which several types of product.

The company plans to grow more types of products and expansion in coordination with the strategic partner in South Korea, a Korean company and a global leader specialized in this field.

We grow and harvest and then we marketed production in the Saudi market as we create greenhouses and sell the technology and all the accessories and we handle supervision and the formation of workers and supervisors.

our goals

Remains a lofty goal for the company is to transform Saudi Arabia from a country importer of vegetables to the country to achieve self-sufficiency and dispense import in summer and winter, but the source of the vegetables depending after God's riches RPR God out of this country, the good of the vast area and the considerable resources and human security, and wise leadership encourage national companies to promote the economy and look to the future to ensure self-sufficiency and rationalize water consumption. Of our goals as well: Operation of the female labor force in the middle of a clean and encouraging. Economy in water to almost 90% Compete with foreign agricultural products Mainstream health products and make it accessible to everyone.

about hydroponics

Hydroponics is a method of growing crops without relying on natural soil and called the water because it depends on the passage of the water enough for the roots of plants , a method that will grow and develop plants without entering the land and soil as a medium for the cultivation, as plants are grown in isolation from soil to follow the system to strengthen the plant and provide water and nutrients crisis for growth. The dispensing soil represents an ideal solution to the crisis of shortage of agricultural land so that it can expand the vertical and produce a larger amount in less space. Agriculture depends on the water in closed session or open, as is the rotation of water laden with nutrients needed by the plant and back again to the tank and thus are not consumption of only very small amounts and is provided for more than 90% of water consumption by agriculture Altkulaidahvdila for dispensing fertilizer production to be healthy intact.

Hydroponics pros are almost incalculable even at the level of the creation of jobs for men and women alike in the agricultural sector, which suffers from the reluctance of citizens with him because of the old image and gloomy Khaguetha traditional agriculture on the nature of the work Plantings of water are in the midst of an environmental clean air. Hydroponics is characterized by high productivity and optimal use of water and land area as well as the use of agricultural areas in addition to lower production in the land is suitable for agriculture and the collection of high-quality products.

Of the advantages of hydroponics technique without soil precise control of irrigation and fertilization treatment center and food, diseases and epidemics quickly and efficiently, which contributes to the quality of the product and the lack of long-term costs.

Characterized by this technique is also a lack of needs unions for the purpose of service and prepare the soil tilling and other processes used in conventional agriculture as well as the ease and efficiency of irrigation which is made very accurately and within the needs of the plant, without waste in the elements as a result of increased rates of use or decrease as a result of the lack of fertilization.

The application of agriculture vertical with technology Alhaedroponik connected to the high production per square meter as it can with lettuce, for example, planting 125 plant per square meter and the duration of 35 days of the session and up session to 25 days as it is possible to produce nearly 70 tons of lettuce per year in an area of 1,000 square meters.

As for the tomatoes per square meter can produce 75 to 100 kilo any 100 thousand tons per thousand meters.

All these figures confirm that hydroponics can bridge the food gap in the production of many vegetables. Well as other features such as a lack of manpower and the cleanliness of the product and the ease of collected and processed.

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